Stop spending $4,000 on groceries. Learn how to save 15% or more!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American family spends around $4,000 per year on groceries ($333/month for budget spread-sheeters out there). This statistic could even be higher for a lot of families depending on their purchasing habits, like choosing organic over conventional products. After reviewing our monthly grocery bill for the last twelve months we discovered that we frequently exceeded $500+ per month!

After the disbelief past I began evaluating my grocery purchasing habits. We primarily shop at our local grocery store (which for us is Publix) as well as big bulk/box stores like Costco and Target for packaged goods. As always I turned to the Internet for inspiration and potential solutions. Now I knew that I would not order perishable items like fruits, vegetables and meats online so I focused on the packaged goods part of the list as their shelf life was longer. My search ended at Amazon; where I discovered their Subscribe & Save monthly program.

After reading up on the program I learned that it is a subscription-based model for delivering household goods and groceries to your home each month based on your usage (Shipped FREE). In short, if you go through twelve cans of dog food per month then you can setup a subscription to have just that many delivered to your door. As for the savings part, choosing just one Subscribe & Save subscription will yield a 5% discount while grouping 5 or more deliveries per month together would net a 15% discount! Now I was in business, I went through my shopping list of groceries and began searching. Here is an example of one month’s delivery as well as some other items that were eligible:

My Subscribe & Save Groceries

Additional sampling of groceries and household goods available through Subscribe & Save:

The Subscribe & Save program also allows you to utilize digital coupons like you would in the grocery store. When you view a product page on the Amazon site there is often a “Clip This Coupon” box available which you can apply to purchase for the month. The one caveat that I have found while using the service is that you need to review and keep track of your product pricing each month. There have been occasions in the past where the cost for particular groceries and household goods were a lot more than the prior month (also helps to apply new coupons that may be available). There is a “Skip you <month> delivery” option that you can utilize, or look for another comparable product within the program. A final note about the service, you are NOT required to have an Amazon Prime membership to save! While there are occasions in which the Prime membership allows you exclusive access to particular products it is not required. Review your own shopping list today and see how much you can save!

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