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  • Is Costco worth it? Find out now

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    Normally when people do their shopping they expect to not have to pay just to do so. Well warehouse stores like Sam’s Club, BJ’s Warehouse and Costco beg to differ and charge annual membership fees ranging from $45 to $110 per year for the privilege.  While there are a number of large nationwide warehouse chains I am going to focus on the largest, Costco and attempt to answer the question is Costco worth it?.

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  • How to Invest with Just Spare Change

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    Investing is one of those terms that makes a lot of people cringe. Whether you have been on the bad end of an investment or never been bothered start, investing can have a polarizing effect. If plans like 401ks, Mutual Funds, Roth or Traditional IRAs are ones you typically avoid but, know deep down you should be actively investing in, then this is the article for you. We will review a new and nearly effortless option for beginning your investment portfolio and learning how to invest.

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  • Shop online? Do it right with cash back rewards!

    Online Shopping Cash Back

    According to Forrester Research data US online spending will reach $327 billion for 2016 with as much as 56% of the population participating at an average of over $1,500 spent per person. Wouldn’t it be great if every time you shopped online you could get paid cash back? Well you guessed it, you can and even better there are options!

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  • Stop spending $4,000 on groceries. Learn how to save 15% or more!

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American family spends around $4,000 per year on groceries ($333/month for budget spread-sheeters out there). This statistic could even be higher for a lot of families depending on their purchasing habits, like choosing organic over conventional products. After reviewing our monthly grocery bill for the last twelve months we discovered that we frequently exceeded $500+ per month!

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  • Let’s start saving!

    Welcome and thank you for visiting the Price Hackr blog.

    Our goal for this website is simple, provide the most current and innovative methods for maximizing your spend. Whether it be through investing for your future or saving on everyday purchases, we have a plan that can get you that much further than the rest of the crowd. Through this enthusiast blog we will conduct reviews of products, services and document instances in which consumers spend far too much on items that can be had for less. Please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions for how we can make the blog more useful for the community.